Original Faith Sonnets by Walterrean Salley

Jun. 15, 2015

'Tis a wonderful fellowship
Sharing things that matter the most.
I am one with the One I love,
And my joy is forever full.

Walking and talking with my Savior
The path emblazoned with His love.
How gloriously radiant;
Footsteps pristine and garments pure.

Hearing His ensuring voice.
Learning of His amazing ways.
Growing deeper in His love,
Savoring such promising days.

And leaning ‘pon Him as we go,
There's so much more I need to know.

© 2015 Walterrean Salley
Jun. 15, 2015

To gaze 'pon my precious One
Is to see a diamond finely set,
With its countless facets sparkling.
All glistening in colorful array.

An ageless beauty for now seen
Thro' the vagueness of this earthly vail.
But, I shall see Him face to face
In all of His revealed glory.

He is a burning, shining light
In whose presence there is no night.
The perfect light of righteousness;
An inextinguishable source.

Shine on my Love, my precious One,
For I shall ever gaze 'pon thee.

© 2015 Walterrean Salley
Jun. 9, 2015

Your love is the strong rope
That keeps me holding on.
The divine needle of mending,
When I’m weary and torn.

Your love’s a trusty band aid
For every painful wound.
And the golden sunshine
For my precious, fragile June.

Your love fills the grayest skies
With hope and lasting peace.
What a glorious, wondrous love
That never shall decrease.

For Your love—which I have known—
By leaps and bounds, I have grown

© 2015 Walterrean Salley
Jun. 9, 2015

Oh love so heavenly and true,
How beautiful You are to me.
Fairer than the glistening stars
Or rolling hills, river and sea.
My soul is drawn enchantingly
Oh love to whom my heart belongs.
All mesmerized, and faithfully,
I sing to You this lover‘s song.
A love for all eternity
And not just for a thousand years.
‘Yon life and death—all that befalls
Of sickness, health, joy and fears.
This dowry of a song, so pure,
Is for my love—long to endure.

© 2015 Walterrean Salley
Jun. 9, 2015

Today you’ve given me a song
A song for times when I am sad.
When nothing seems to be just right
And the world seems to have gone mad.

A song to brighten up the skies
With the presence of a rainbow,
To remind of your gracious love
Protecting from life’s sharpest blow.

A song to sing in the dead of night
The night of life tho’ dark it be.
A song that generates comfort
And sets life’s weary prisoners free.

A song that is so full of hope
It gives me the strength to go on.
A song that is so full of love
I’ll be singing it till I’m gone.

© 2015 Walterrean Salley