Original Faith Sonnets by Walterrean Salley

Mar. 19, 2018

Like a Dream
Seems like a dream, but I know that it’s true
For we mere mortals do not have a clue.
‘Tho I can’t tell all the beauty it holds
Heaven is perfect with its street of gold.

The sick afflicted depressed and despaired
Oh weary traveler come go with me there.
‘Tis no disappointment once you are there,
But all who enter shall rest in his care.

I never have heard of a place so sweet
‘Tis so full of wonder—gates, wall and street.
The Father’s compassion is unto all
He offers heaven, please answer the call.

And if I am dreaming, do not awake;
But allow me to dream for my soul’s sake.
© 2016 Walterrean Salley

Mar. 7, 2018

Oh, when I get to heaven
That amazing promised land
Spoken of almighty God
An assertion true and grand

There’ll be no war, nor terror;
I will rest my shield and sword.
With eyes lifted, wondrously,
To gaze upon my sweet Lord.

And, there, I shall bow my knees
In grateful worship and praise—
Thanking God for his true love.
Then, perhaps, a song to raise

Ahh. To stroll that wondrous place—
A guide to lead me around.
To absorb His beauteous grace
The breathtaking sights and sounds.

I’ll visit friends and loved ones,
Those who’ve before me gone.
To fellowship with them there,
Where days shall ne’er be done.

© 2016 Walterrean Salley
Mar. 7, 2018

It seems a fairytale to me
Too beautiful for eyes to see.
Oh, what a dream. Oh, what a song.
Will I awake before too long?

The healer, Christ, who is adored;
A ruler. King. And Lord of lords.
The Prince of peace in whom we trust,
Gone to prepare a place for us.

A palace in a distant land
For each of us. Oh, what a plan.
With gates of pearl and streets of gold
The half of which has not been told.

All joy and peace; no more to weep.
Oh, wake me not, just let me sleep.

© 2015 Walterrean Salley
Jan. 25, 2016

Thank you Lord for Christmastime
A season of love and cheer
A time to give and to forgive
And to hold one’s family dear.

Thank you Lord for Christmastime
A lovely time of the year.
A time to sing and to worship
And to cast away all fear.

Thank you Lord for Christmastime
When hope is made so clear.
And faith lights the path anew
With a message for all to hear.

Thank you Lord for Christmastime
And may its truth forever chime.

© 2014 Walterrean Salley
Jun. 15, 2015

Take wings, thou my prayer, take wings
And get thee up to God most high.
Hurry now my trusty prayer;
Up and off. Climb—soar—fly.

Thro' all the spheres and galaxies
Midst obstacles, your way to fight.
Veer not left or to the right;
Let nothing hinder, then, your flight.

Above the clouds and skies of blue
Go, bear the cargo that I send.
Ever, then, so cautiously,
Proceed ‘cording to heaven's trend.

Till thou return, I shall not rest;
And, so, I wait with bated breath.

© 2015 Walterrean Salley