Spiritual Poems by Walterrean Salley

May. 17, 2015

When your back’s against the wall
With no way out,
And the mind is plagued
With seeds of doubt—
You can make it.

When you’ve labored sore,
But dollars are few.
And nothing works
Of all that you do—
You can make it.

When the night is long,
Cares keep you awake,
And sleep won’t come;
You long for daybreak.
You can make it.

Believe you can make it,
Don’t ever give in.
And God will see you
Through to the end.
You can make it.

© 2010 Walterrean Salley
May. 17, 2015

I belong to God—
And not to me.
He’s given His all
At Calvary.

He's paid the price
For my every sin.
His blood has made
Me whole within.

A mighty Savior
He is to me.
For only He
Could Set me free.

Yes, He has washed
And made me clean.
I'm not the same
By any means.

(Revised 12/2017)

© 2010 Walterrean Salley
May. 17, 2015

Remember to pray
Every day.
Don’t be discouraged
By what to say.

Share your heart
And your mind.
Be yourself,
And you will find

God listens in
A doting way,
And deeply cares
For what you say.

© 2010 Walterrean Salley
May. 17, 2015

The door to the Father is opened,
And His arms are extended.
There, the wounded heart
May come and be mended.

The lost may come to Him
Where sin and strife are ended:
Into the Father’s loving arms,
Where he is befriended.

Sometimes life is cruel, cold,
And thus, lack real charm.
But, there is peace and warmth
In the Father’s loving arms.

© 2010 Walterrean Salley
May. 17, 2015

The Bible is my Friend.
And when I am worn,
I lay it on my lap,
Or hold it in my arms.

I place it ‘neath my pillow
When I am tired and weary.
Just to feel Its presence
Makes my heart cheery.

The Bible is a Gem—
Rare and precious too.
The claims that It makes,
No one else can do.

The Bible is my Friend,
And will always be.
My heart shall ever cherish
God’s Promises to me.

© 2010 Walterrean Salley