Photo Album 1

Art: Floral on Brick

Savannah's Cockspur Lighthouse

Healthy Wishes


The Fog

Christmas at Our House

Love Birds

In Times of Trials


Art: Fifing. Flutist playing the flute.

Tybee Lighthouse

Art: Navigating Life's Fickle Sea

Tea Rose from the Garden

Tybee Pier

Wild Daisies from the Field. Courtesy of a Friend.

Docked on the Savannah River

Frosty-Pink Petunias

Ms. Peacock. Gorgeous.

The U. S. Whitehouse (Presidential Palace)

Savannah-Tybee Sandunes

Tybee Lighthouse

Vertical Carnation

Savannah-Downtown Trolly

Daisies of the Wild, from a Friend

A Celebration with Carnations

Art: Sunset

Rose Garden

The Waving Girl Statue

Rosebud: In the Beginning

Pink Petunias and White Azaleas

Savannah's Olde Habour Inn


Tea Rose - Tea Time.

Christmas Warmth

...From the Garden

Flamingo: Lunch Time

The Lovely Tea Rose

Art: Christmas Candles

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Art: Angelic

A Tugboat. And a ferry, docked on the Savannah River, by the River-Street Park.

Wild Goat

A Ram


Remembering a Friend

Hutchinson Island, Georgia. (Roughly seven-miles long. And one-mile wide, at its widest.)

Art: Day Lilies of the Field


Forsyth Fountain (1973)

A Stray Rabbit