Oct. 30, 2021

With Gratitude on Labor Day

Labor Day - September 6 -
Should remind in a great way
Of the strides made o'er decades:
ALL the progress, I should say.

Our nation's built on the backs
Of the folks who've come before.
The 'Trail Blazers,' we call them.
They've opened many a door.

They have made lots of progress
Breaking through many a "wall."
Making 'work' matters better
And much safer for us all.

Obtaining better pay rates.
Securing child-labor laws.
Establishing work unions.
Rightly challenging the flaws.

Proudly, "sleeves" were rolled up.
Every shoulder to the wheel!
Many gave it all they had:
In whatever labor field.

As time advanced, like always,
Many built in succession
Upon others' foundations
In the name of progression.

Indeed, progress was gotten
With incentive to do more
To maintain the progress made.
For our labors are our chore.
"Happy Labor's Day 2021."

© 2021 Walterrean Salley