May. 21, 2021

Words at Play

Word for today is "apogee."
And now for words that mean the same.
And those words, we call 'synonyms,'
Are pertinent to this word game.

Term 'acme' is a synonym
It means the same as term 'apex.'
And 'summit,' as well, is the same
With each one defined as 'climax.'

'Vertex' and 'top' are synonyms...
'Zenith,' 'crescendo,' 'height' and 'crest.'
And now that we have reached the 'peak,'
It's time to put this poem to rest.

'Twere good to learn a word per day,
To help you say what you would say.
(Written 2019 by Walterrean Salley)

In case you are interested, here's a poem for the 'word buff.' Never be afraid to learn something new. The Key: all the 'terms' given in this poem are related. They are synonyms for the word of the day, which is "apogee." Enjoy.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley