Jan. 14, 2021

Kobe - Kobe Bryant

A legend is gone - a star with class.
A prince has fallen, an era's past.
He labored hard, went very far
And soon became a rising star

That touched gold, laid hold to fame
And etched himself a renowned name.
A Lakers guy - head of the class -
Who played so well with style o'er sass.

He met the girl of his fair dreams
And formed himself a brand new team.
Went on to sprout, and bud, and grow -
Until they had a brood of four.

The best that's in a family man.
Philanthropist, doing what he can
To make the world a better place
For his kind - the human race.

A country mourns, behold, alas.
A legend's gone; an era's passed.
A prince is fallen, a 'Lakers' giant
Known as 'Kobe.' Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bean Bryant (8/23/78-1/26/2020) was a great American world-class basketball player.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley