Sep. 18, 2020

The King of Fantasy Island

I met a king, but did not know;
His 'regal' status doesn't show.
His territory is amiss.
His reign is just a 'mental' bliss.

He has a job - works nine to five.
His passion? Keeping folks alive.
A medic he is deemed to be
With clockings by the eastern sea.

And when he feels his cheerios?
Oh oh. Watch out folks, there he goes
Zooming around like superman
Doing all the good he can.

He makes you feel such special high
That you will laugh until you cry.
His sunny side does always show;
He's just that whimsical, you know.

In his own mind, he is a king;
But if he's king, then I'm a queen.
"The 'King' of Fantasy Island!"
Don't wake him up, folks, let him dream.

(9/2020 Revised.)

© 2020 Walterrean Salley