Jan. 27, 2020

Panda Bears - Happy and Carefree

So, are you having
A right 'ho-hum' day?
Observe the pandas,
They'll blow you away.

The pandas are best
At being themselves,
Like falling from trees
And climbing on shelves.

Wrestling each other,
And rolling down hills.
Annoying zookeepers
Whenever they will.

Whether it's eating
Or tumbling in hay -
Pandas don't worry,
But happy are they.

Riding 'sliding boards,'
And swinging on swings;
I guess one can say,
The panda is king.

Funny, amusing.
So cuddly at play.
Cheers for the Panda.
"Woohoo! Hooray!"

© 2019 Walterrean Salley