Jan. 1, 2020

Forever Jeopardy

Kudos to Mr. Merv Griffin.
The creator of Jeopardy
The most successful classic game
That's airing on primetime TV.

"What is happy, round, and brilliant?"
For 10, Alex, "What is the sun?"
Answers in the form of questions.
Right 'genius' with loads of 'fun.'

There's 'Assorted Categories.'
History - Science - and Tidbits
With chances to win tons of cash.
Adults and children adore it.

Verbs and Onomatopoeias.
Oxymorons, and English Lit.
Geography, and Nonfiction.
That's JEoPaRDY! We all love it.

Footnote: Love and best wishes to Alex Trebeck, the fine host of Jeopardy, for his great legacy to us all. Keep fighting Alex, we're with you in prayer and our overall support.

© 2019 Walterrean Salley