Dec. 19, 2019

Lusting for the Reins

(Alcohol and hypocrisy)

It makes you think it's something
That - really - it is not.
To conquer your whole being

Appealing. Desirable.
In a forbidden glass
To catch the eye of laddies,
Also the tender lass.

'It's like an 'under current'
When taking that first drink;
And so please heed the 'red flags,'
Designed to make one think.

It poses as a good friend
That's there to see you through,
But all the time it's leading
To deeper-darker hue.

With hook, line and sinker, then,
As victims have their fill,
The VENOM-spewing product
Moves right in for the kill.

Whereby assuming control
By some strange commotion,
Not just o'er the physical,
But mind... will… emotions.

Before you know, it has seized
The whole, entire being
Of the poor soul who had thought,
Alcohol was 'freeing.'
Footnote: if you are a drinker, alcohol is there, waiting to take control of, rule, and thereby consume your life. Please don't drink. And if you drink, do put forth every effort to stop. (This poem, simply, is designed to make you think.)

© 2019 Walterrean Salley