Sep. 11, 2015

September 11th Losses

Lost futures. Lost personalities.
Lost husbands, kids, and wives.
Lost kin. Lost careers.
Lost talents, trades, and lives.

Lost trust. Lost freedoms.
Lost equipment, grounds, and drive.
Lost days. Lost nights.
Lost time, songs, and vies.

Lost hopes. Lost dreams.
Lost seed, grooms and brides.
Lost wisdom. Lost knowledge.
Lost Possibilities. Horizons. Strides.

Lost joy. Lost laughter.
Lost smiles. Miles. And ties.
Lost heights. Lost promises.
Lost dawning, sunsets and vibes.

Like a faded rose are memories.
From September 11th rive.
Many a sad, forlorn memories
Of so much, we have been deprived.

10/2016 Revised)

© 2015 Walterrean Salley