Sep. 11, 2015

Naomi and Ruth

A woman named Naomi
Once traveled life alone.
Her two sons had expired.
Her husband was long gone.

Orpah, her daughter-in-law, left
But Ruth was steadfast still
To pledge her loyalty
In life, and death, and ill.

They came to Bethlehem.
Ruth worked the fields that day
Of a man named Boaz,
Receiving handouts for pay.

Her mother-in-law advised…
In Boaz’s fields to stay.
Turn not left or right,
That naught cause her to sway.

Then Naomi in wisdom and age
Would try the luck of the draw.
She set her sight ‘pon Boaz
For Ruth her daughter-in-law.

For he was a close relative
And a rich kinsman at that.
And she must quickly move
According to the fact.

And with a bit of planning
And tweaking here and there
Naomi‘s plan was working
True love was in the air.

And Ruth her daughter-in-law
Married Mr. Boaz.
The couple had a baby boy,
Born with pizzazz.

They dedicated the child
To Naomi his grandmother.
He was called Obed by name.
They trusted for another.

And God remembered Naomi.
For Obed was the granddad
Of Israel’s great king—
David, the ruddy lad.

© 2015 Walterrean Salley