Aug. 21, 2015

Lessons in Humility

[Lessons in humility]

The way up is down,
The humble
Is exalted.

Because of sorrow,
We know joy.

We receive
By giving.

First we are children,
And then adults.

If you want to lead,
Be a good follower,
We lead by example.

We learn
By listening and hearing.

It is not a crime
To seek help.

First, die to self,
And then truly live.

A kind word spoken
Is never wasted.

The obedient
Is always blessed.

A good student
Will one day teach.

Always help those in need,
Considering it could be you;
In helping others,
You are helping yourself.

Pride should be scorned.

Go the extra mile for peace.

Be the first to admit
When you are wrong,
And then quickly apologize.

One should learn
From his mistakes.

Humble yourself and pray.

Always take time
To give thanks.
Look around,
See what needs to be done,
And do it.

Life is a gift,
We should appreciate the gift
And love the Giver.

Give thanks for that which you can do
And trust God for that which you cannot.

Do nothing, get nothing done.
Do something, little or much,
And you will get something done.

Truth builds faith,
But lies cast shadows of doubt.

When you grow tired,
Stop and rest.

Every accomplishment
Began with a step

(c) Walyerrean Salley