Aug. 21, 2015

This Little House

How shall I keep the house
God has given me,
To show that I appreciate
His blessings rich and free.
I will paint, if needed,
And trim the shutters, too.
I’ll change the roof
Each fifteen years
To keep it fresh and new.
I’ll plant a little garden
At the front, back and side,
To make the yard beautiful,
Like a gorgeous bride.
Perhaps shadow boxes
‘Neath window sills to hang,
Strew handsome shrubbery
And other little things:
Like dogwood,
A sago or two,
Precious rose-beds,
Crape myrtle too.
I'll prune the trees,
Tidy the shrub
And spray for termites,
Those pesky bugs.
If the door hangs,
I’ll restore hinges to it,
Whatever is needed,
I'll gladly do it:
Keep windows clean,
Restore what is weak,
Fix broken faucets,
Repair leaks,
Remove cobwebs,
Drive rodents away,
Mow the lawn
And sweep each day.
I am grateful
From morning to night
For food and shelter,
A blessed delight.
I rest peacefully,
Not having to roam,
For God has given me
A home.

© Walterrean Salley