Aug. 22, 2015

Columbine High

(There are no words to express the pain that we, as a nation, felt during the tragic episode of Littleton Colorado)

Another story,
Word by word
And line by line
As tragedy unfolds
In the annals of time.
Another school,
An obscure town,
A quiet community,
Not renown.
Brave parents
In frantic search,
Fearing their child
To be hurt.
Terrified hearts
With chilling tales
Struggle to share
Grim details.
The horror of such
A moment in time
Vividly etched
Within the mind.
The dead are mourned
In Colorado.
Why it happened?
No one knows.
Vigils held
For spiritual relief,
Many seeking
To vent their grief.
And what
Of the wounded
Barely alive?
We pray by a miracle
They will survive.
Grieving hearts,
Sad and sore,
Lamenting those
Who are no more.

Deeply mourns,
And so,
Thus the plight
Of Colorado.
Family and friends
Strive to cope,
Facing the future
With barely a hope.

Lord keep
Each family
As they seek
To lean on thee.
And may there never,
Ever be
Another like
This tragedy.

© 2000 Walterrean Salley