Aug. 16, 2015

Something About the Morning

There's something about the morning
That catches my natural eye,
To behold nature’s beauty
As the break of dawn draws nigh.

When the morning lilies bloom,
And the morning glories too,
And the grass extends its blades
To catch the falling dew.

Something about the morning
Reminds me of my youth:
Fresh, young, joyous and strong
Are similar attributes.
Newness makes it fresh,
Brightness makes it young,
A little tune can make it joyous,
And praying makes it strong.

Something about the dawning
Makes me long for God,
To feel his holy presence
Here beneath the stars.

When it's time to rise and pray,
There is rejoicing in my soul,
To embrace my Savior
In the dawn of morning’s glow.

(c) Walterrean Salley