Aug. 16, 2015

A Miraculous Deliverance

Herod the king
A great evil had done
By imprisoning
Zion’s sons.

Now immediately,
He killed James,
But for the moment
Kept Peter in chains.

And after Easter,
He’d slay Peter too,
But had no clue
What God would do.

Thus Peter, bound
With chains of iron
Was guarded by soldiers
Strong like a lion.

The saints had gathered,
But hope was dim.
At Mary’s Place
They prayed for him.

Now Peter laid sleeping,
Peaceful and still,
On the night old Herod
Would have him killed.

Between two soldiers,
He rested there,
As the keepers watched
The prison with care.

Suddenly a light
Appeared to Peter;
‘Twas an angel—
A heavenly leader,

Suddenly an angel—
A heavenly leader
Glowingly appeared
Unto Peter.

He smote him on
His tender side,
Saying follow me,
I am your guide.

As Peter arose,
His chains fell off.
His hands were freed
From the iron cuff

He decked his sandals,
Donned his robe
And followed the angel
That led him forth.

Now, Peter must make
A sober decision:
Was it all true?
Or was it a vision?

They came to a gate,
The angel and he,
That led to a city
Where he’d be free.

And the angel of
Such great a feat,
Suddenly vanished
From the street.

Then Peter composed
Himself and said,
“The Lord delivered,
Or I’d be dead.”

At the home of Mary—
John’s mother—
Many were praying
For the brother.

Then Peter knocked
At the door gate,
As a girl named Rhoda,
In such glad state,

Neglected to open
But ran with cheer
Informing the others
That Peter was there.

He knocked until
They opened the door;
All were surprised
To see him once more.

They thought he had
Been killed by the king,
But God had done
A miraculous thing.

Then Peter signaled
To hold their peace,
As he declared
A mighty release.

And the saints rejoiced
For God had delivered
On the wings of prayer.

And the saints praised—
The God who delivered
On the wings of prayer.

(c) Walterrean Salley