Aug. 16, 2015

Life's Changing Winds

One day the winds
Began to blow in my life—
Effecting no small change,
But those so overwhelming
For which I was the least prepared.
They tore me down—the winds did—
And stripped me bare.
But God would build me up again—
Stronger and wiser than I could dare.

I began to pick up the pieces—
Finding myself far removed
From the comforts of the familiar
And safe environment I once knew.
Vulnerable and susceptible—
I realized it would not be easy to go on,
But I must.
I must find a way to be strong
And garner the courage to go on.
I made a promise to God and myself
That I would look up and live;
That I, with every ounce of will
And inner strength, would thrive.

Thus bruised and battered,
I struggled to my knees
And began to brush away
The layers of strewn leaves
Covering my path.

I staggered to my feet
And with every other step,
Strove to remove the boulders
And huge chunks of debris, bless God,
To somehow find the way again.

‘Tis a slow and painful process,
But a definite one.
And as I go—
Each day becomes a shade brighter.
Oh, look, there’s a rainbow!
I believe I’m going to make it.

(c) Walterrean Salley