Aug. 16, 2015

Life Lessons

Life is like a great teacher;
For in 'living' we 'learn.'

The path of life
Pursues countless directions
With many a twist and turn.
Carefully choose your steps,
Or they will be chosen for you.
Be wise, and seek opportunities;
Don’t let them slip by.

There is a time to live and a time to die,
But now is the time to live.
Redeem each moment
That every second counts;
Give what you can give.

Man is promised seventy years,
And—for good health—perhaps more.
Live each day to the fullest,
The time you have is borrowed.
God who gives breath today,
Requires it on tomorrow.

All will not be fair,
But learn to cope and go on,
For soon, such fragile mist
Will vanish and be gone.

Regardless how wonderful,
Still, for everyone,
Life is a fleeting vapor
That shall soon be gone.

Walterrean Sallry