Aug. 15, 2015

A Tribute

Oprah Winfrey--a philanthropist, and the most successful black business woman.

A Poem for Oprah. 2005.

The little girl from Mississippi—
For whom the odds were stacked—
Never dreamed of giving up,
But only to fight back.

She met every challenge
To rise and touch a star;
Now all who know her realize
Your dreams can take you far.

Her goal was to be somebody
Ever since a kid.
She strove to find her place in life,
And found her place she did.

Now on the way up,
She didn’t go alone,
But carried others with her
Who had dreams of their own.

She is a voice for many—
A platform for all;
A light for those who would rise,
But somehow seem to fall.

Deemed a national treasure
By more than just a few,
She’s a blessing to her country
And her fellowman too.

A right generous soul
With a highly gifted mind—
A true humanitarian
In Misses “O” we find.

Her passion, fighting crime—
So eagerly embraced—
Has helped to make society
A somewhat safer place.

We salute her efforts:
Storm victims, African kids,
And the Angel Network
For the wonders that it did.

She reached out in 911—
A season of midnight—
With the hopeful message
That things would be all right.

As for accomplishments,
She is Talk Show Queen.
Amongst her pride and joy
Is the “O Magazine.”

From humble beginnings
Of obscurity and shame,
Unto a land of plenty—
The world knows her name.

And though she is renown,
What sets her apart
Isn’t power nor fame,
Just a noble, caring heart.

God has blessed, abundantly,
Her wit and wisdom to excel—
Ever reaching and pursuing.
And, by God, we wish her well.

Walterrean Salley