Jul. 31, 2015

I Am Poetry

I am a unique gift given unto men—
Sent to teach and guide, and to comfort them.
From the heart of God, peace and hope I bring.
Adding depth to life, I give the soul wings.
I am Poetry.

I was here for ages, even before dawn.
I can make mount’ns skip and the deserts spawn.
The masters are all gone, who have imprints laid.
But I am here for eons to tell what ‘they’ve said.
I am Poetry.

Give me a voice, lend me an ear;
I will tell of yesteryear,
When in water the earth did lay,
And God created the first day.
I’ll give you love; I’ll give you land.
And place a wand in your hand.
With words, soothing and so sweet,
I’ll lay the world down at your feet.
I am Poetry.

My going is from east to west,
My message is of peace.
Inspiring souls in every quest,
I give true hope to each.
I can make the flowers laugh
Or give the trees arms.
I can make the brines rage
Or render them ever so calm.
I am Poetry.

Give me a voice, and I will speak
Of the ocean, earth and sky.
I dwell amongst the noble,
The humble and the wise.
Look for me amid the stars,
There is where I’ll be.
In meadows, fields, gardens…
The sunset and the sea.
I am Poetry.

I am tucked beneath great rocks
Or hidden in the sand.
Come, now, search gingerly,
And find me—if you can.
I am poetry

Note: The personification of a powerful and enduring gift. (Written c.1997.)

© 2015 Walterream Salley