Jul. 27, 2015

Double the Delight

Babies are so sweet,
They’ll sweep you off your feet.
And twins are double the delight.
Their separate little styles
And angelic smiles.
They are such a precious sight.

With the angels near,
There’s no need to fear—
Sweetly resting through the night.
Mom and Dad are there
To lavish with care,
Ensuring everything's all right.

Twins are unique,
Each with their own physique.
Examples of genetic might.
There's plenty of love
For the pair of baby doves.
Their innocent eyes of light.

Precociously wise;
Destined to rise
For a future—starry and bright.
Should they hurt or cry,
The Lord is nearby
To hug them and hold them tight.

(Revised 2015)

© Walterrean Salley