May. 15, 2015

The Union Bag

A lifeline was the Union Bag
During its heyday.
I can recall the fifties
As though ‘twas yesterday.

Our family was so poor
That we barely got by.
Within our daily struggles,
Things often went awry.

My dad worked very hard.
'Twas a big sacrifice
To put food on the table
For his children and his wife.

A dedicated employee
With time rarely missed,
He labored day and night—
Even pulled the graveyard shift.

Nancy, his old pickup truck,
Was faithful as could be
To transport to and from
His livelihood, you see.

The pay was nothing huge,
But it got us through the day,
And it seemed like a lot.
God always made a way.

And countless homes survived,
Due to the Union Bag
Putting bread on the tables
Of our grandpas and our dads.

- by walterrea salley