Apr. 26, 2015

A Mother's Prayer

Dear Lord,
Please look upon my kids
Wherever they might be.
Lead them in the right way
And help them Lord to see.
Please keep them from
The ills of life.
Shelter them from harm.
Let them feel the safety of
Your tender-loving arms.
And when they stray Lord
Don’t leave them all alone,
But show them the way
And how to get back home.
And when it’s time to choose
A husband or a wife,
Give them the perfect mate
To complete their life.
And may they be obedient
And willing in Your sight
To love You and serve You,
And to walk in Your light.
Lord mould and make me
Something wonderful to be
That my children might find
A true example in me.
Thank You and amen.

by W. Salley