Feb. 25, 2021

Just around the corner -
In the fair month of May -
So fastly approaching
Is an important day.

Like the perennials
That bloom annually
And culminate with joy

So, please set your alarm;
Do not be caught off guard.
Plan to buy Mom dinner
A present or a card.

How you might celebrate
Frankly, is up to you.
But make her very proud,
In that she's no less due.

She will thank you for it
And love you even more,
Because she is your Mom,
And the one you adore.

Remember Mother's Day (Sunday, May 9, 2021). It's just around the corner - even closer than you think. Make this one extra special for her. **

© 2021 Walterrean Salley
Feb. 20, 2021

Someone, please teach me how
To solve the Rubik's Cube.
When thinking I've arrived
It suddenly eludes.

All its lovely colors
Make an attractive sight
To compensate for loss
In a Rubik's-Cube fight.

For those who're fortunate
That the cube favors you,
What an accomplishment.

(Penned August 2019)

Footnote: Love the Rubik's-Cube, and have tried to master the thing, but never even got the hang of it. Oh well.

© 2019 Walterrean Salley
Feb. 18, 2021

What is it about the rose
That just fascinates us so
That we'd give it as a gift
Unto people that we know?

Of roses we make emblems.
Or feature them on a card.
Or make a chic 'centerpiece.'
Or display them in some ward.

For the rose, songs are written
Full of lyrics with bright hue:
It's a flower sought by lovers
When some special day is due.

Oh for its unique petals
Emanating a sweet mist.
There are poems penned for the rose -
For the flower that it is.

What is it about the rose
That we'd order it by mail -
Made Special Delivery?
The stuff of a fairytale.

Why do we pay good money
For a flower that's called 'Rose?'
We do it for the beauty
And elegance, I suppose.

And, also, for the message
One's desiring to convey,
Which is hidden in the rose -
There, so gently, tucked away.

Footnote: Roses for Valentine's. Yeah.

© 2020 Walterrean Salley
Feb. 17, 2021

Comes Momma Brown Bear with a song,
Her little bears cubs tagging 'long,
Thro the woodland and thro the trees.
And thro the thickets of the leaves.

Her little bear cubs laugh and play
As Momma Brown Bear charts the way.
She wobbles as she goes along,
Enjoying her sweet Brown-Bear song.

She keeps her children safe and sound
From predators stalking around.
On any bright and sunny day,
You'll find the cubbies hard at play.

As one who lives her sweetest dreams,
She crosses rivers, lakes and streams -
Her little 'cubbies' in her care.
Life is good for Momma Brown Bear.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley
Feb. 15, 2021

Please stand by.