Jun. 20, 2022

The Smart cell phone
Has a mind of its own.
But will do what it's told -
'When in the right mode.'

Never take chances.
Be wise. Spell check.
And only press ‘send’
When a ‘text’ is correct.

As for 'Spell Check,'
Please take note!
Always re-check
What Spell Check wrote.

Often, the cursor's
All over the place
As you are typing.
Then you must erase….

All that was typed
Cause you didn't know
That the cursor was tripping
On the wrong row.

But then, it happens
All over again –
Until you notice
The nagging trend.

So you must keep eyes
On the cursor, for where
It might be blinking,
And start from there.

As for 'Voice Access,'
Dear user, BEWARE:
The best advice?
Proceed with care…

Or you will see things
That you didn't say
As the 'Voice Access'
Bogarts its own way.

But you can't deny
The 'love-hate' relate,
When it comes to…
The cell phone debate.

NOTE: Too much PC problems. Seems that they all have decided to malfunction simultaneously. And I've decided to vent. Haha.

Walterrean Salley
Jun. 20, 2022

"It's scorching!" Rang a reply,
To my question about the weather.

These days, the sun is hot
As the day is long.
(Well, this 'is' the season, you know.)

But evenings are cool.
And the nights are even cooler.
So, night has become
My favorite part of the day.

Only a few more months,
Before the season changes
To a cooler trend;
Albeit, Mother Nature
Can be full of surprises.

Tho' it seems to've just started,
The year is almost gone,
Which reminds me of life:
"Born yesterday, and before you know,
It's almost over." Wow.

Hey, just be thankful,
And enjoy it while you can.

Walterrean Salley
Jun. 20, 2022

Happy Father's Day
To fathers everywhere
Who have been chosen -
This honor to bear.

May you have the wisdom
Of our heavenly Father
To love, and to guide
Your broods and other…

The sons and daughters
That depend on you -
In the throes of life -
To sort their way through.

And to be the friend
They'd come to know
Amid all the striving-
As they learn to grow.

Walterrean Salley
Jun. 19, 2022

I don't remember my dad
Ever playing a game with us,
Or taking a walk in the park.
Or going out to dinner,
Or taking family vacations.
Sadly, I cannot lay claim to,
Nor savor such precious
Childhood memories.
He smoked and drank -
Although I never saw him stumble.

But I do remember him cooking,
And feeding us.
And changing diapers.
And giving us nasty medicines
Whenever we were sick with a cold,
Flu, fever, or stomach ache.
Or whenever we sustained
Scratches and bruises.

I remember how he, along with Mom,
Made us go to school -
Come sunshine, rain, sleet or snow,
Even when we didn't want to go.

I remember how he'd buy us
'Back to school' clothing.
Christmas gifts. And Easter attire.
And how he gave us a monetary gift
For every birthday.

And I remember him working day
And night (especially the graveyard shift)
to support his family.
I remember the souvenir gifts
(Whether ink pen, clock, watch, or cufflinks)
He was awarded as a faithful
And dedicated employee,
Which set an example for his children.
And I distinctly remember him
Writing checks to pay the bills each month.

Many a time, I saw him reaching out
To help the neighbors.
I saw him respecting the elderly.
And I remember him (a poor man)
Eagerly giving of his meager means
To support the various causes he favored.
And that was my dad.
(6/20/22 revision)

Walterrean Salley
Jun. 19, 2022

1. True mothers have that enduring love,
Which only comes from God above.

2. Moms are a bit like God, Himself. They birth, nourish, and discipline their children - teaching, guiding and protecting them, proving to be the greatest friend a child could ever have.

3. An ever-guiding star, a mother is a 'constant' in her child's life.

4. Body, soul and spirit, a mother gives of her whole self unto her child/children.

5. A mother's greatest pride and joy are the children of her womb.

6. Whether in her heart, or on her face, nothing can stop the 'beaming' of a mother
as she, by God's grace, boasts of her children.

7. A humble child that has tasted grace, never forgets the love of an adopted mom; and, as she gives them a place in her home, they assure her an enduring place within their hearts.

8. The greatest legacy that any mother can leave her child is the legacy of her 'love.' When a child knows that he is truly loved, anything becomes a possibility.

9. A loving mother is a guardian angel for her child/children.

10. In a relationship, where a mother protects her children at any cost - the children also will protect the mother.

11. As they grow inseparable, a devoted stepmom becomes the cherished object of a grateful child's love.

12. What love is there - ever - that proves to be so tender, like that of a faithful mother?

13. The sacrifices of a loving mother are immeasurable, and largely appreciated.

14. Mother. She's the cradle of life. Matriarch of the family. A nurturer. And a pillar of society.

15. A loving, caring mom not only wants her child to be as she is, but she would have them to excel, and become the best of who they are.

16. It is so important for a mother to know her children well. And with the birth of every child - for mom, it's a "back-to-school" time.

17. Certain animals (lions, bears, cats, dogs, birds…) make great moms too.

18. The 'depth' of a mother's heart runs extremely deep.

19. Gorillas, kangaroos, horses, dolphins, deer, giraffes, zebras, penguins - and many more -
All tend to make such a great mom.

20. A mother would burn the midnight oil, travel many miles, climb the highest mountain, tunnel the deepest ravine, and cross oceans and seas - just to be with her child/children. Now, that's love.

21. A lion mom takes no stuff when it comes to her cubs.

22. Oh how I miss My mom. She was loving, and kind… and had a meek disposition. She was quiet and patient - yet very sharp.

23. Thank God for the "single" moms; They are strong. Much stronger than, even, they could ever dream.

24. Just think, "Eve" was the "mother" of all living. How enlightening.

25. Oh, to see the world through the eyes of a kind, gentle mom.

Walterrean Salley