May. 7, 2021

My little cupcake,
I want you to know
That as time passes,
The winds will blow.

But I will be there
To cover you
With these arms of love -
Neath skies of blue.

My love, don't worry,
Smile like the sun -
As flowers in May
With loads of fun.

May you rest for now,
And please don't cry.
Tomorrow we'll dance -
Just you and I.

Know that I love you
So tenderly.
You're my sweet angel,
God's gift to me.

Note: A lullaby written on behalf of a mother for her child.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley
May. 3, 2021

(Tribute to Prince Phillip (1921-2021)

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh,
'Mongst the fathers of a nation,
A man who stood for his country -
Not the slightest hesitation.

The husband to a nation's Queen,
He was the wind beneath her wings.
Stood in the shadows while she shined,
As to their love, they each did cling.

Prince Phillip taken from this life
Is mourned by those who loved him best.
Both sons and daughters by his side,
As he retires unto his rest.

Amongst British Princes, pray tell
For whom the tolling of the bell?
A man whose mission was to serve:
Prince Phillip, dear, sleep well. Sleep well.

The Queen will hold memories sweet
Until, again, when they shall meet.

NOTE: "He was the longest-serving consort of a reigning British monarch and the longest-lived male member of the British royal family" -Excerpts from Wikipedia. Much love, and deepest thoughts, to Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal family, and the people of Great Britain." (**Concerning the poem: "sons and daughters" not only refers to his children, but to any, and all, who loved and embraced him.)

© 2021 Walterrean Salley
Apr. 28, 2021

Beauty is love, joy and peace.
Beauty is kinfolk and friends.
A lovely smile on one's face.
Or some bright-colorful blend.

Beauty's the light in one's eye.
And the skill to understand.
It is the warmth of the heart,
Working like a magic wand.

Beauty is little 'children.'
It is babies being born.
It's the elderly 'mongst us.
And the youthfulness of morn.

The beauty of a sunset,
And the beauty of the rain.
A beautiful waterfall...
Rolling hills beyond the plain.

Beauty is 'true' harmony -
Whether laughter or concern.
Like it's beautiful to play,
So it's beautiful to Learn.

Yes beauty is all around;
It is found everywhere.
As for the heart that's opened,
Beauty lingers ever near.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley
Apr. 18, 2021

Father in Your name,
Hold us safe and sound.
As angels keep watch,
Let your grace abound.

In Presence be near.
Keep COVID at bay.
Keep our minds on You
Each night and each day.

Lord, let fresh mercies
Descend like the dew
To guard from evil -
That our cares be few.

And God, please guide us
Thro' the dark of night -
Till dawn arises,
Ushering the light.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley
Apr. 18, 2021

From infancy through old age, if lucky -
We are sure to garner
A wealth of 'life lessons.'

Lessons brought to us
By a parent, teacher, leader,
Sibling,friend, or stranger.
Even an animal (wild or docile).
As well as from other experiences
And circumstances encountered.

And the many lessons we learn
Will be there to see us through
Times of sorrow and sadness.
Sickness and pain.
Trials and temptations.
Difficulty, confusion, and adversity.

But what of these golden lessons?
Like a guiding light,
They will lead and guide.
They will strengthen and prepare.
They will comfort, encourage
And give directions at crossroads.

Such beautiful lessons will help us
To make good choices
At life's crucial-pivoting points.

So, be grateful.
And ever be careful to embrace -
And not forget the lessons learned.
For you might need them one day.

© 2021 Walterrean Salley